Thursday, January 16, 2014

Week Two

Assignment for 1/21

- Transpose two of your melodies into six keys by thinking in scale degrees. You can look at your scale degree map, but don't write down the pitches. Be ready to perform them in class.

- Spend a couple hours playing and experimenting with the one, three, and four pitch limitations over a C C drone that we worked on in class. Focus on varying the dynamics, rhythm, tone color, pitch inflections, and proportion of notes to silence.

- Choose your favorite pitch combinations, and compose five phrases with AB (or question-answer) structure. Write down the phrases on manuscript paper, bring five copies, and be ready to play them in class. The notation can be approximate, especially if your phrase is rubato.

- Listen to the mp3s in the dropbox


Cello Drones For Tuning and Improvisation

Download mp3 tracks at Amazon
or order a CD directly from Marcia Sloane

Pair of drumsticks and practice pad

Standard drumset sticks are Vic Firth 5A, but any pair of sticks will be fine. The closest place to buy them is Capitol Music on 50th and Roosevelt.

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