Thursday, January 30, 2014

Week Four


- Drum along with the Count Basie, Oscar Peterson, and Art Blakey recordings in the drop box. Practice drumming even quarter notes, quarter notes with accents on beats 2 and 4, ride cymbal pattern. Drum triplets with the slower tunes (Lil Darlin' and Things Ain't What They Used to Be).

- Compose and record five new A A' B phrases with the following perameters:
     Use the C Drone track (or accompany yourself with a low C on piano)
     Each phrase should use a four-note combination from the packet in a single octave
     Compose rubato melodies
     The B phrase should answer the two A phrases
      Explore dynamics, rhythmic phrasing, tone color, and pacing.

Email me a recording of your phrases by Wednesday 2/5 at 8:00 PM.

- Begin to listen to Lester Young's tenor sax solo on "All of Me." You will need to be able to sing and play it from memory by the end of the quarter.

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